Paw Patrol Storybook Paper Playset

Paw Patrol Storybook Paper Playset


This "Storybook Paper Playset" is an original creation of mine. Children and adults alike can use imagnitive play to recreate the stories of Paw Patrol or create their own stories with these little paper characters. Each box is made to look like a book which contains the popular characters of the story done in my unique style. 


These Storybook Paper Playsets are not for resale. Please do not sell or distribute my Playsets or the images to incorporate in a design of your own for resale.They are not to be used or copied in anyway for personal or commercial use.

You may not alter the images and designs in anyway and claim it as your own design or creation. 

All images are copyrighted ©Red Cardinal Crafts and Tanya Dawn Richards.

All sales are final.